Bill Dinsdale luthiers workshopThe process of constructing an instrument is one of continuous development and change.

As a Luthier, not only are you responding to the timber you are working and it’s relationship to all the other elements of the guitar you are building, along with the player who has ordered it, in your thoughts. But your experience is informing your future work and progression.  Work is constantly developing and ideas are constantly changing.

I enjoy very much working with my customers, and each instrument is a personal project that brings ideas and thoughts together with beautiful materials and over thirty years of experience and skills.  Many of my best designs and approaches have arisen directly from this relationship.

It begins with discussion, perhaps listening to other favoured guitar players and tones, and goes through selecting choice materials, developing designs and solutions to evolve the instrument that is needed.  Every instrument has it’s own personal blog that records each stage of it’s construction, so that clients who are unable to visit the workshop are kept informed, and can follow progress from the first shaving to the first note.